Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Importance of Expert Comptable for Your Business

What is Accounting?

Accounting is a practice of systematic maintenance of financial records of the company; summarize records to compile the financial statements of the organization.

Accounting Services:

Accounting is a service activity. It is important as it provides financial information of the business to stakeholders. Accounting services involves recording, reporting and analyzing the financial transactions of a business or individual. Examples are:
·         Auditing
·         Book keeping
·         Business and personal tax planning
·         Financial statement services
Payroll services Accounting are more than managing debits and credits, it comes into play more often in everyday business decisions than you may realize. A few examples are:
·         Closely monitoring accounts receivable to illustrate trends or behaviors. It can also cut down the cost you incur by pursuing late payers.
·         Establishing a detailed budget to help discover inefficiencies within your operations.
·         Sudden changes in the sales revenues can alert you to important industry changes.
·         Understanding your financial position in order to spot problem areas that could interfere with loans earmarked for expansion.

Why Is It Important To Choose the Right Expert Comptable for Your Business

When you hire a full-time accountant for handling your business’s financial requirements, then you utilize the talent of just one person. Additionally, if the accountant you hire has a minimal experience, then they may not be well-versed in all areas of accounting. A single mistake with finances and taxes can cost your business a fortune.
Outsourcing your financial management to a good accounting firm will eliminate these issues. These organizations have a team of book keepers and accountants who are experts in various areas of financial and tax management. They understand the importance these functions for a business so they double check their work. Hiring an experienced accounting firm allows you access to the expertise of a team of professionals at a minimal cost.
Professional accounting services firms operate with advanced software and technologies plus they keep updating their staff with these systems to ensure their clients ‘financial management is not hampered. By outsourcing your accounts to a team of experts, you don’t have to bother about missed receipts and pay slips as every record is electronic. You have an organized financial management system by partnering with an accounting firm.

Accounting Firm MINATCHY & ASSOCIES:

The accounting firm MINATCHY & ASSOCIES , located on Jarry (Guadeloupe), is addressed to all professionals in Guadeloupe.We're here to support during the creation of your business and, or to help in its day-to-day management regardless of their size and the sector of activity of your structure.